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I guess technically this could be called concept art.

Idk i had an idea about 4 years back about a comic/story kinda thing that mixed mythological and fantasy creatures with the gijinka theme I love so much.

Yeah OC stuff. oops. lol. -But yeah, here are some of the monster/creatures I wanted to use. They may be based on specific instances but theyre all technically my OCs still. I havent wrote their names though. (Like I know that Chimaera was a specific thing and she was the only one kind of thing.. but in my little world.. this is 'THE' Chimaera. idk. hope that makes sense.) -I guess technically this is all zoology shiznit.

I don't have names for all of them but if you're curious I can tell you some.

Lochness Monster- Nessie(duh)
Phoenix- Nyx
Unicorn- Nico
Pegasus- Pegasus
Jackalope- Jack
Chimaera- Kimmy
Bakeneko- {no name yet}
Wyvern - {no name yet}
Kyuubi no kitsune- {no name yet}
Chupacabra- Chupa
European Dragon- Citrus

its kind of a neat idea. creatures would range all the way from actual creatures from greek and other countries' myths, like the chimaera and like kyuubi no kistune. Other creatures will even just be.. you know.. those current day myths. Like Lochness Monster and Chupacabra.
idk /done rambling

\o\;; I hate plastering OC stuff on here. no one cares~ lol

art, characters (c) me
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