...The Hunt of the Lamia... Picture


Here is a Lamia running away from her hunters, scaping through the forest, frightened, bleeding, wounded with two arrows on her back. She is a Basque/Greek mythological female, a nymph-like creature joined to the Mother Earth, half woman half beast, a fantastic treasure to be hunted.

I found the inspiration in a photograph of an awesome american model, miss-mosh, and I borrowed her photo as reference for my drawing: [link] Thank you very much for your permission and kind words!

The forest in the background is based on the knowledge of another great artist, nathie, following his tutorials and workflows. Thanks a lot for your wisdom!

Miss-Mosh: [link]
Nathie: [link]
Lamia: [link]

Photoshop 7/ CS2, Wacom Graphire4.

Comments and critics are very welcome! See you soon!
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