Yveltal of Fury Picture

I was on that video conference (on time on this morning) and do think the sixth generation's legendaries are really awesome so far. I love that bird, where personally I assume it's a phoenix and it's unique design. (head is a bit lame but whatev)
That elk is also awesome although blue-ness bothers me since it makes unnatural/digimon-y/robotic. Starters suck as usually.

That bird creature represents me of so much fury. Furious, outrageous and apocalyptic. I find in him inspiration of Nordic mythology or even, Ragnarok. I view that creature as furious, doom-y and ragnarok presence.
FYI: before people start commenting, I'm absolutely not theorizing, I know they are more likely based on chromosones, but that's my own interpretation and feeling of that design. I'm not interested in crazy theorizing like on pkbeach forums they do.

This is just my sketch of him, with obviously little of my own interpretation and I'll name him Ragnarok, lol.

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