Autumn Pegasus Picture

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A winged horse lands on the banks of a shallow rocky river, splashing water into the autumn air. This is not your usual pegasus though. Rather than the pure white coat one would expect to see on this popular mythological creature, this fantasy beast has taken on some of the colors of the season. In response to the fall foliage of the trees that line the lake, this fantasy steed looks more like a winged paint horse with patches of rich bronze breaking up the white. Meanwhile its mane and tail have turned a deep brown.

Having been over a month since I last added to my fantasy art series, I felt it was time for a new one. Also, it will officially be fall in a few days with the autumn equinox falling on September 23rd this year. So, I decided to create an autumn themed fantasy artwork

Note: the creation of this image involved the use of purchased products

Tools used: Poser, Vue, GIMP, Photomatix

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Daniel Eskridge


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