Weretiger Picture

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Emerging from the jungle mists, a feline beast appears before you. Upon seeing its orange and white coat with black stripes, you may think that this is a tiger. Not so, for this monster stands upon two legs and has hands with long, sharp claws. This is a weretiger, a half human, half tiger shapeshiting sorcerer that prowls the forest in search of victims.

A weretiger is a mythological creature. Essentially it is the same concept as a werewolf, but applied to a tiger rather than a wolf. Originally, I heard about such a lycanthrope as a kid playing Dungeons and Dragons, but the concept actually goes back MUCH further. There is, in fact, neolithic cave art depicting people that can turn into animals. In deed, Were-cats appear in the folklore or many cultures.

Technically, the term 'lycanthropy' only applies to werewolves. Other human/animal monsters have different names. The correct term for a werecat of any breed (lion, tiger, etc.) is 'ailuranthrope'. While the concept as a whole for any animal is actually called 'therianthropy'. Not surprisingly, folklore depicting weretigers comes from regions of the world were real tigers are known to exist, i.e. India and China.

Tools used: Daz Studio, LookAtMyHair, Vue, Gimp, Photomatix
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