Creature of Night Picture

What is this creature? Who is she? What is her connection to Gene?

This little creature is Midnight and she's Gene's daemon.

A daemon is a creature that is a bit difficult to explain: they are a part of a person's soul that has actually come out that can be seen and heard, though their appearance is kind of like a ghost. No one knows how or why this happens, but many times it just seems to.

The idea was heavily inspired by ~zer0dram0n's characters Zero and Frost, Frost being Zero's daemon. I really liked the idea, so I had come up with Aurora first and I've been toying with the idea of Gene having one so I finally sat down and worked on her.

Midnight, like Frost and Aurora, isn't a particular creature really. She has spines on her back like a porcupine or razor beast (a creature from my own mythology) and she has wings along her arms like a bat or flying squirrel that she can use to fly, and her feet are prehensile..
One of the most striking things about her are her eyes, it is said that she has a special kind of vision, but there aren't many details yet.

Coming up with her color scheme was a bit tricky, I wanted to come up with something that would work with Gene's colors, and I figured having opposites would work out. The only problem I have is that her spines are meant to be darker, but it's hard to see with the shading.

Photoshop 7.

Midnight and artwork are mine.
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