Bahamut Picture

First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone!

According to Arabian mythology, Bahamut actually is a vast fish that supports the earth. In some sources, Bahamut is described as having a head resembling a hippopotamus or elephant. However, modern culture Bahamut, in which it appears as a powerful dragon, is a totally different creature compared to the original mythology. Although the character's name is clearly derived from the mythological Bahamut, the two appear to share no other similarities.

I tried to make my own summon magics, and since Bahamut is one of my favorite summon from the game Final Fantasy and I have tried to make it once, I decided to try with this one as well. However, I think it's still heavily influenced from Final Fantasy VIII's Bahamut.

Programs used:
Adobe Photoshop 7.0
OpenCanvas 4.03
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