Chimeras Picture

It’s mythology time! Today I discovered the creature known as ‘Enfield’ (the upper one), as a Celtic chimera with the head of a fox, the frontlegs of an eagle, the body of a lion, the chest of a grey hound and the hindquarters of a wolf. Very cool, must draw that. Of course, I had to draw the ‘original’ chimera (who is having a discussion with herself) as well as the sphinx, who is also kind of a chimera, being composed of so many different creatures. How I love mythology! These are rather free interpretations as I like it better when the different animal parts are more 'merged together'. Chimera was a bit more difficult with the goat head just sticking out of her back. Can you imagine having three heads that all want something else? How miserable it must be, poor thing :C

Photoshop and scanned in pencil lines, 2 hours.

Art is © to me, Avanii
Texture is from [link]

Please do not repost or use, thank you. Image is also on my Tumblr and will be on my FA account too.
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