Trove concepting Picture

i haven't been drawing much but i have been doodling these guys a bit, it is sort of a concept for a mythological creature?? maybe a species of dragon even? they grow scales of precious metal on their bodies, their blood congeals into precious stones, their fur is finer then a fox's, and their bones/horns are like smooth ivory. Their flesh is hard to harvest because of the blood hardening into stones, but if cleaned quick enough and drained of blood their flesh is said to be delicate, savory, and naturally sweet like honey.
They tend to flock with sheep and classically have white semi wavy silky fur that shines in the sun, but they can have other markings to blend in with the herd they are apart of.
they aren't aggressive unless someone approaches them with intent to steal from them or hurt them.

still a work in progress...

art and creature/concept are mine, don't be a thief. my art is NOT free use, please do not repost without my permission.
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