Mitaniee the God of Autumn Picture

Mitaniee is one of many gods in the Shinkou Ookami's Etanian mythology. He is notable as a fire-breathing dragon that heralds the coming of Fall, as he makes earth sleep before the goddess Chutra's bitter coming of winter. It is said that he comes on swift wings, breathing his flame upon the earth--his fire is what makes everything change into various colors and fall asleep. Just like all of the gods of the Etanian mythology, he adorns a mask on his face, gold in color. He adorns golden scales and golden markings with burnt-orange scales that glitter in the Autumn sunlight. He is a gentle creature, and usually enjoys relaxing and basking in his colorful creation.

Credits to the creation of Mitaniee goes to Skygazer of Shinkou Ookami.
Drawing is copyright to *Aveilthe
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