Eudora Character Sheet Picture

This is Eudora, she is a Gorgon :3

Gorgons are from greek mythology. There was really ever only 3 gorgons, Medusa and her sisters but the stories on gorgons vary.

The most common version of gorgons is that they have snakes for hair, claws and fangs. She has fangs and snakes for hair, but her claws are just really long nails. XD Also, it's supposed to be venemous snakes but the only real venomous snake in Greece is the Adder. BUT they kind of have a diamond-back pattern and they are a dull color. So I just made some random snake with an orange color with a off-white belly. :3

An interesting fact: Apparently the Greeks just HATE snakes. They are known to swerve their cars in the streets just to run one over. XD Not really having to do with this image but I read it somewhere while I was researching XD

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!
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