Mythological Five Picture

Durr I took Art 2, Art 3 and Portfolio, but I got too lazy to join AP Art so I just went into Drawing 1 instead.

Our next project in this class is to focus on shading and textures, so we're supposed to create a mythological creature made up of three (or more) animals to do this. This was already a homework assignment back in October, so I already came up with the horse-esque thing on the left. But... We're supposed to sketch out four different animal ideas on paper, so I went ahead and made four extra ones. I wouldn't get credit otherwise. |P

And da paper was large so I had to scan it in sections.

Combined animals:
- Unicorn, Dragon, Komainu (Picture of it alone)
- Squirrel, Rabbit, Cat, Butterfly
- Crane, Peacock, Fish, Turtle, possibly Lochness
- Wolf/Lion, Ram, Walrus, Stegosaurus
- Salamander, Frog, Snake, Rhino/Chameleon?, Cockatoo?

So yeah. Weird animal concept things are mine. :U
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