Ghostly Whispers Picture

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One of two drawings I made recently detailing dragons just the way I remember them from my childhood fairy tales and imagination and also an ode to their persistence; dragons are my favourite mythological creatures, I've been drawing them for more than 20 years now. Most of my inspiration comes from the Asian mythologies and in particular regarding the dragon as benevolent and wise. Sometimes they look more like serpents, sometimes more like horses, and even sometimes more like foxes. But I love them whenever they are depicted as mysterious and otherworldly, creatures that come from a completely different realm. All in all, my inspiration and love for dragons was fuelled for the first time when I, as a young child, read Ursula K. Le Guin's "Earthsea Saga". I will not spoil the story for anyone, but her take on dragons made an immense impression on me.
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