Meeting the Hippocampus Picture

This is inspired from a dream I had, and I was most keen on capturing the quiet yet awesome feeling I had in the dream. The being in it wasn't so well-defined, but I chose the Hippocampus for the illustration. The Hippocampus is a Phoenician mythological animal that is part horse, part dolphin, and bears wings. It features among other things on their coins. As a Lebanese I descend from the Phoenicians, and meant it as a homage, especially that it's a very underdone subject matter in any but ancient art. The way I put it together though (loosely, an initiate walking down the river to the river mouth for an audience with the sacred creature) owes nothing to the original mythology, as we really don't know much about it.

Hand-inked in micron pens, coloured and rendered in Photoshop CS. Around 30 hours I think.
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