Pegasus Picture

A great winged horse stands atop a rocky mound. It sniffs at the cold air of a forested valley line with jagged snow-capped mountains. Its dark mane and tail whip in the wind as the Pegasus spreads it wings, ready to take flight.

The Pegasus is winged horse from Greek mythology. It is one of the most popular of all mythical creatures and is a symbol for wisdom, fame, and poetry. It has been a common subject in art for millennia depicted in thousands of paintings, drawings, and sculptures.

Typically, the winged steed is depicted with a pure white coat along with a snow white mane and tail. I, however, thought that, for my artwork, a light dun coat with primitive markings would be a bit more interesting along with a black mane and tail.

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Tools used: Poser, Vue, GIMP, Photomatix

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Daniel Eskridge


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