OP Fan Creature- Yonubi Picture

A fan creature I made that will appear in my adaption of the tenth One Piece movie, Strong World.

This is the Yonubi, a four-tailed fox.

It's origin comes from the nine-tailed fox of Japanese mythology.

It was once a regular fox that lived in Merville, the island where Shiki made his base, but after being injected with Dr. Indigo's SIQ drug, it mutated into a giant beast.

The Yonubi's four lashing tails, added by the strength of its powerful jaws, make it a deadly predator. It reaches speeds like that of a cheetah and reaches heights of about 8 feet tall when standing on its hind legs.

The Yonubi first appears when Luffy finds Nami and Billy. It was drawn out by the scent of the roasted scorpion meat that Luffy was eating. At first, that seemed to be all it wanted, but the Yonubi quickly set its sights on Nami and saw her as better prey. Realizing the situation, Luffy hurried Nami to the ship and turned to fight the beast off.

At first, it appeared that Luffy was seemingly outmatched, but out of nowhere, Blizzard appears to lend a hand- err, paw. With their combined attack, the Gum Gum White Arrow, Luffy and Blizzard scare the Yonubi away.

Two more Yonubi appear later, attacking the village that Xiao and her mother and grandmother lived in, and it appeared a third time, rampaging through Shiki's palace, only to be defeated by Zoro.


One Piece Film: Strong World (C) Oda

Yonubi (C) Me

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