Happy Holidays! Picture

Ah, wonderfull Yule!
I wanted to do something different than the typical christmas pictures,
and i knew that the "christmas" holidays hasn't always been the celebration of Jesus, and i knew that we had something in Denmark called the winter solstice in the christmas holidays, when the vikings still roamed the country! They celebrated this in other parts of europe too, both the summer and the winter solstice. It was when europe started going all fangirl about this book called the bible, they changed it to Jesus' birthday!
BUT WELL, This winter holiday period was called yule in scandinavia (still is, just spelled different) , and what happened here according to the norse mythology, was the "wild hunt", where ghosts and undead creatures would march through the sky, and draugr (undead viking warriors, just like in skyrim) would walk the earth..
PRETTY NEAT RIGHT! How can you not love norse mythology 8D ... To get rid of these unwanted supernatural creatures, it seems to me that the vikings would just... Drink and eat, and do a little offering..
FUN FACT: If you were to see the "wild hunt", something bad was going to happend, like an epedemic, sickness, your whole village burned down etc etc. !

So here i drew a quick drawing of Rasputins Viking ancestor coming back to life as a draugr, HE!

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