Metroid And Mythology 2 Picture

Wow, it's done. I thought, hmm, let's get back into submitting deviations to deviantART. So I had to come with something impressive or interesting after this long time of submitting nothing.

In school, I learn a lot about mythology, and I think it's very interesting, cause it shows early explanations for events happening in nature, like the sun going up and down. Whole stories were written and illustrated around these events. Gods and mythological creatures were created to play a role in this story. That's how I view religion and mythology, with a lot of respect and interest, although I'm not religious myself.

This dev shows some connections between Metroid and mythology, and while some only share the names, some others share parts of their stories too, like Phazon ruining a world, while Phaëton did the same in his story. These connections are for you to figure out though, cause I'm only giving information.

The information was taken from Wikipedia for the mythologies, and from Wikitroid for the Metroid counterparts. This doesn't mean that I simply copied and pasted it. I deleted all examples and other secondary information, and used the essence of the stories. Sorry, by the way, to present this in 2 parts. I made it as 1 whole, but had to divide it cause it was too big.

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