Sketches for Creatures Picture

Sketches of magical creatures, based in actual pictures of animals and animal ancestors (the leocruta based on a picture of a Hyracotherim, the first horse).
The eagle on the top is a random one... it was supposed to be a thunderbird, sigh... there's many gnome and goblin tries, the definitive ones are the ones with their names on it (on the bottom). The doppelganger is in its original form, something between a chameleon and a meerkat.

Legend (top-bottom, left-right)
Pegasus, eagle, gnome sketch, puck sketch, leocruta, gnome sketch, bicorn, bonnacon, wingless pixie, ancient centaur (ancient humanoid+ancient horse), puck sketch, gnome, tanuki, doppelganger, goblin, ancient amphibian (being squashed by the gnome), goblin sketch
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