Mythology: Loknarr Picture

A terrifying demon of Norse mythology, Loknarr is violence itself given flesh and blood. During the war between the Aesir and Vanir gods, the Vanir used their wild magicks to create a creature from the ancient spirit of violence that exists in all living things. They named the monster Loknarr, gave him an enchanted axe and set him on their enemies. Loknarr led the Vanir in a bloody charge into the Aesir ranks, but was stopped before the gates of Asgard by Thor and Loki. They battled for more than an hour, but the demon could not defeat the pair, until his rage drove him insane...and he SCREAMED! The monster's roar caused earthquakes, landslides and all other manner of disasters. The two factions of gods were forced to unite to stop his destruction. They bound Loknarr in a mask and chains of Adamnite, the indestructible metal of the gods, and sealed him in a vault far below the Earth. The Vanir buried his axe beneath a mountain and the Aesir cast the key to his bonds to the bottom of the deepest lake in all the land, from which it would never be recovered.
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