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"Who is the All Mother?"

"They say She was born from nothing yet She gave life to everything... She emerged from the darkness, a blaze of bright fire shooting across the heavens. She was life, She was everything to the barren world. She sowed Her seeds with a gentle touch and the land sprouted with life. She made rivers run, She made the trees grow tall, She coaxed Her frightened creatures out from the cold corners of the universe. She was loved. Loved unconditionally, however as She made time pass, centuries over centuries, Her children... they forgot Her. Still She remained, watching as they flourished. There was no hunger, no pain, no sickness or death until one day, the All Mother thrust Herself into the physical realm.

There was a war among all the animals, battling without any stop. It was devastating and suddenly, it all stopped. Those injured horribly finally gave into their weaknesses and passed on into Her warm touch. She ached on the inside, knowing She had to lay these final blows. Death was the only way to stop their petty bloodlust. It was then the creatures learned of death. She held their spirits softly before sadly encouraging them toward the next step of their journey. 'Go,' the All Mother said, 'Go forth to the Beyond, where you will become part of the new order, commanding the turnings of the land, how the wind will flow and becoming One with the others...'

She turn Her eyes to the creatures. 'Do you see what has become of you all?' She said, her soft light cloaking the children of her spiritual womb. 'Battling fruitlessly in chaos!' The All Mother suddenly looked upon a lonely sprouting. 'To remind you of all there is to keep and lose, I will join you in the mortal realm. I will die like the rest of you, season after season, and the elements will teach you all to hold what is dear to us all.

She joined with the little baby tree, merging their souls as One. The animals bowed to it, coming together in a new era. No longer did they fight, however, they knew now they would only kill for necessity and pray to their mother. Now the world was a new Order and even the Great Goddess would die and become reborn along side them...

Every one hundred years, the Mother Tree would fall but return anew as always, teaching Her children to preserve what they could, of how easily things could be changed and lost forever as had their paradise..."

Phew! Finally typed up the Legend of the All Mother! In Tales of Azi, there is a special tree between the lands, that the animals all worship and call the Mother Tree. Here, the animals believe the All Mother resides after sealing her spirit into a sapling. She dies alongside the animals but returns as they do in a new body every one hundred years.
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