Realistic Mythology:Scottish Kelpie Picture

The Scottish Kelpie, or water horse, is a legend from Scotland's first celtic inhabitants, the picts, it was also the basis of nessie and all related myths surrounding loch ness

This is merely my interpretation of the Kelpie as an ultimately derived thalassocnid sea sloth, mainly based on the kelpie's "horse like" appearance and the fact that merhorses couldeasily have been evolved thallasocnids if they existed in fact (the fact thalassocnids swam by "galloping" and overall very horse like scull).

the colors are mainly those you'd expect to find on megatheres (or atleast the ones you'd find in their representations) tough in a more "marine animal" like pattern adorning the creature's furless body, the patters were also derived from celtic bodypaint and the overall appearance of the creatures was somewhat oriented in the same shape as the kelpies that appear on the pictish stones, with a dash of speculation and "realism"

Basically this is an exercise of what would kelpies look like if they actually existed.
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