Buck Mythology AU Picture

Welcome to this week's installment of 'Kira's too lazy to draw the entire body so she'll just draw a head instead'

So, I caved in and drew Buck for one of my Mythology AUs. I'll definitely be drawing Rudy later buuut that's for later.

So, what Buck is SUPPOSED TO BE in this AU is an Ichneumon ( which basically looks something like this; 2.bp.blogspot.com/-TVcOI9PNcoo… except he has much shorter fur) which is basically a creature that kills dragons, which if you haven't guessed it already, that's what Rudy and all of the other dinosaurs are supposed to be. Despite his heritage however, Buck doesn't actually kill dragons unless he absolutely has to, but he does indeed fight them. Soooo yeah C:
I'd just like to say quickly that Buck does still have his knife and eyepatch in this AU. The eyepatch just isn't visible in this pic bc I am the dumb and couldn't figure out how to place it from this angle so, yes.

I DO NOT OWN ICE AGE, but I do own this version of the Mythology AU

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