GW Goes Mythological Picture

Happy (slightly late) Halloween, everyone!

That's right, baby, Gundam Wing as Roman/Greek gods! For no reason! Well, for Halloween, yes, but they're not being too close to actual Greek or Roman design. I was just having fun with them ^__^ This would probably have been Quatre's idea, as far as Halloween costumes, though Trowa or Wufei may have had the original thought. I'm not sure.

Not that I didn't think out their roles, mind you. I always do. I can't help severely over-thinking things.

Quatre is Apollo, god of light, medicine and music. Mostly, it was the light and music, and that Q just looks so darn cute holding a lyre ^3^ Plus, he's bright and sunny and hopeful...and he has little suns on his shoulder and belt! Probably one on the back of his cape too, but you can't see it.

Heero is Hercules/Heracles/however-you-want-to-spell-it-it's-all-Greek-to-me. Technically he's a demi-god, but it seemed to fit, given his ridiculous strength, nigh invulnerability no matter what task you give him. He's got Hercules' iconic club...and is that one of Trowa's lions he's offed and slapped on his head?

No! Because Trowa is Poseidon/Triton (hahaha...yes, I'm soooo clever) , and Poseidon is more about sea creatures. And horses. Randomly. (Not so random if you know the old myths, but still) . The biggest reason I put Trowa in this role is because I wanted to give him a fish-tail.

I made Wufei Ares/Mars, God of War. Given his role in Endless Waltz as helping to start another war to see what mankind will do (it's more complicated than that, but the whole thing boils down to a social-experiment for him) .... Yeah, he's Mars. And he's in a skirt. At least he has the symbolic spear to jab into people that point this fact out.

And in the middle, riding on the back of Puppy Cerberus, is Duo, our braided God of Death, as Hades/Pluto. This was too obvious NOT to run with, so I did. He's got a flame design on his sleeves, and his cape-thing is flame-like as well. I even gave him a scythe made out of bones and a skull! (I know scythes and flames are more of a European motif, but I don't care. Duo cannot be a proper God of Death without his ubiquitous scythe, and the flames just went with it. )

Anyhoo, I hope you all like this!
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