Mythology Project - Gale Picture

Eighth in the series: Gale, my sadist.

Gale, like Rebec, is basically a conglomeration of Germanic races, though he's mostly Prussian.

I made him a Nix/Neck/Nixie, a shapeshifting water spirit, sort of like a water nymph, from Germanic legend. [link]

The picture might be kinda monochromatic, but there's a reason for that. Gale seems like a really simple guy. He's a sadist, and that's pretty much the only emotion he gives away. But he's really a very complex character, and he can appear simple and attack you out of nowhere with his coldness (as if he's hiding under water). So, yeah, there's a reason behind everything I do ><

Project Description
The mythology project is something I did for the concentration portion of my AP Art portfolio. Devil's Parliament is a story of cultural and personal diversity in an era of strict social barriers. Each of my characters is of uncommonly mixed races; and each has his or her own distinct personality. After some research, I decided to integrate creatures/figures from the mythology of each character's cultures into the characters themselves to portray not only their heritage but their own unique personas.


Gale © me

done in Copic markers
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