Mythology Project - Marrow Picture

Ninth in the series: my new character Marrow.

I created her for the sole reason that I needed 12 pieces for the concentration section of my AP Art portfolio... And I only had 11 characters... Marrow's not a member of the Parliament, she's like Asad and Hawthorne. She's what's known as a runner. Basically, she gets information and goods from the upper sector with secrecy and all that and sells it to Asad and Hawthorne so they can sell it to people like the Parliament.

Marrow is Norse, Swiss, Icelandic, and a bunch of other Nordic.

I drew her as Hel, the goddess of the underworld from Norse mythology (which I happen to love and know very well). She is held beautiful woman and half rotting skeleton and she guards the underworld. It fits, since Marrow's a darker character. She's pretty in her own way, but she's very much a punk, with black clothes and tons of piercings. So Hel fits her. [link]

Project Description
The mythology project is something I did for the concentration portion of my AP Art portfolio. Devil's Parliament is a story of cultural and personal diversity in an era of strict social barriers. Each of my characters is of uncommonly mixed races; and each has his or her own distinct personality. After some research, I decided to integrate creatures/figures from the mythology of each character's cultures into the characters themselves to portray not only their heritage but their own unique personas.


Marrow © me

done in Copic marker
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