Ulish Mythology: The Creature Sejeei Picture

Translated into English lettering: Sejeei de creteein
Translated into the English language: The creature sejeei


The lore:

The Sejeei are creatures that don't dwell in the forest as many creatures do in Ulish mythology. They roam in alley ways and behind corners of houses, trees, ect.

They have somewhat of wings on their heads, but they do not fly with them but capture. With one, they produce warm, neutral colors (left)- and with the other, they suck up any cool colors in Ulegany and keep them for themselves. They replace the cool colors with the warm ones. This is why people believed that this is where we got our surrounding colors from.

The Sejeei aren't considered evil by any sorts, but it's encouraged that if one sees a Sejeei, you stop it from stealing the cooler colors.

You can tell a Sejeei's age by their eyes. The darker brown their eyes are, the younger. When Sejeeis are first born, they have completely black eyes, and when their near death, they're completely white.

Sorry it's a cruddy drawing, I didn't have much time.

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