Native America Mythology: The Muskegon Picture

Quick Disclaimer: I drew this only using a vector program (oh my god). Took forever to color and shade this. Photoshop, plz stop not working....

A bit of a challenge. This was originally going to be a Native American dragon illustration for a person on the subreddit forum, "Draw For Me". However, I realized that Native Americans did not often see ~too~ many lizards, so it wouldn't make sense for them to have a dragon in their mythology. (Well, Native Americans did have some dragon in their mythology, but it's not that well known)... ANYWAYS... Trying to get my thoughts together. Instead I was attempting to create a non-dragon mythological being that perhaps Native Americans would dream up. Because Native Americas were around antelope, bears, and birds, I attempted to combine the three animals to create... this.

I tried to make it not "stereotypical" of Native American culture, however the markings and tail feathers do seem very cliche??

"Muskegon" means "Plenty of Fish". This creature is a mainly a herbivore, eating grass. However, it could often be found around the water, searching out for fish.


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