Mythology Project - Hawthorne Picture

Eleventh in the Series: Hawthorne, Asad's partner in crime

Hawthorne is Filipino, with some Spanish and a little African.

I drew him with a hooded cloak to represent the Spanish Cuco, a creature similar to a bogeyman that wears a black hooded coat. [link]

The rainbowness is for the sarimanok, a bird from legend in the Philippines. It is said to be very colorful feathers and it has a feathery tail. It is also a bringer of good fortune. [link]

I wanted the colorfulness of the rainbows to contrast with the black cloak, so I drew his hair rainbow peaking out from under his hood, as well as the gray background against his wings and tail... ALthough I don't want to draw another rainbow again in a long time...

Project Description
The mythology project is something I did for the concentration portion of my AP Art portfolio. Devil's Parliament is a story of cultural and personal diversity in an era of strict social barriers. Each of my characters is of uncommonly mixed races; and each has his or her own distinct personality. After some research, I decided to integrate creatures/figures from the mythology of each character's cultures into the characters themselves to portray not only their heritage but their own unique personas.


Hawthorne © me

done in copic markers
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