Slavic mythology: Vampir Picture

Oi people! Another creature of Slavic mythology is presented here. Also happy Halloween for those who celebrate it.

This time I'm introducing you with Вампир (Vampir or ''Vampire''). Everybody knows them as human-shaped undead blood-drinkers with fangs that pops up in almost all RPG games, cartoons, animes and movies.

But original Slavic vampire is far much different from their Hollywood siblings. They usually came from people who were either truly evil while alive, or who ended their lives with suicide or being tortured. Sometimes, evil spirit possesses and bodies from innocent people and their living corpse or their ghost (belief is depending of region) comes to vampire's hometowns and attacks people, sustaining themselves with their flesh and blood.

Unlike their siblings from pop-culture, vampires are not charming and sparkling aristocrats, who wear goth-like clothes and act very calm and seductive toward their victims, nor they make wars with werewolves, nor they have just two fangs. Original vampires came from all classes of society and wear whatever they brought into their grave. They never make relationships with mortals and act very violent in search for blood - ripping off victim's throat, almost beheading them with their sharp teeth, much like their werewolf relatives. And their faces turn red when they are full. While werewolves had human shadow and mirror image, vampires don't have it at all.
Also they don't shift into bats. Vampires originally shapeshifted into butterflies or moths, as they have habit of gathering around moonlight. That ''shifting into bats'' is Hollywood thingy, coz vampire bats exist in New World.

That name on gravestone is Petar Blagojević - villager that lived in Serbian village of Kisiljevo who died in 1725. and became vampire few weeks later. That village was under reign of Austro-Hungarian Empire and every human died every day from plague that was apparently caused by him. There is also and story that his apparition came to his living wife, searching for opanci (Serbian shoes). When Austrian doctors came to that village and dug him out from grave, his corpse had fresh, red face and had blood on his mouth. And news that vampire appeared caused massive panicking among people of Austro-Hungary. Thanks to Petar Blagojević, vampires became known and beyond Slavic territory.

The only common thing between original and Hollywood vampire is their treatment - they can be banished with garlic and Holy Cross and water. And can be killed either by beheading or by stabbing in chest with stakes made of whitethorn tree.

Belief in vampire is originated in Slavic Balkan countries. And I chose Tix91's Serbia OC for role-model of vampire, coz word ''vampir'' is the only Serbian word that is accepted in almost all world languages.
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