Mythological Creature Alphabet Picture

This was one of my projects for my Advanced Commercial Art class. The requirement was to create a themed alphabet. I love mythology and this idea had been bouncing around my head since I heard about this particular project over two years ago.

Some of these creatures have many different appearances because of lack of information or differing acounts from all those years ago or just because people decided to imagine them that way. I did put my own twist in their designs, so they may not look exactly the way they are supposed to.

List of Featured Creatures:
A- Ankou
B- Basilisk
C- Cerberus
D- Dragon
E- Elementals
F- Fairy
G- Griffin/Griffon/Gryphon
H- Hydra
I- Ifrit/Ifreet
J- Jormungandr
K- Kitsune
L- Lich
M- Mermaid
N- Nagi/Nagini
O- Ouroboros
P- Peryton
Q- Questing Beast
R- Radande
S- Siren
T- Tengu
U- Unicorn
V- Valkyrie
W- Wyvern
X- Xiuhcoatl
Y- Yuki-onna
Z- Zmey/Zmiy

I know some of these are rather obscure, like the Zmey and Xuihcoatl (do you know how few creatures begin with X??), but Wikipedia says they exists, so I went with them
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