Made Up Creatures 3 Picture

Well there may be more muc but you'll just have to wait and see, in my childhood i drew a lot, and one of the things i drew most for was a project game i was gonna call MMM(won't give out the acronym) but anyway there is a vast binder with big creatures armor and weapons in it, and so last stream i flipped at random to monsters and tried to make them better, here are 6

From left to right
Prowler- Sorta a raptor like creature it rooms the wide open plains in packs, hunting down plains creatures
Horec- An Evil Cave crawler bug
Floder-Something like a pig lizard it uses it tusks to dig up food
Ifirere- A demon casters
Ogre Bear- Yeah its evil
Chyris Bug- Larva stag for most bug creatures
Monoroc-Vile creature that uses its tusks to overpower other lizards
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