Egyptian Mythology Picture

EDIT: I added a computer outline to kind of get more contrast. If everyone hates it I can just go back to the sketch. >.>

AnQiraj just opened and quite frankly I love it. Its very open and the patrol mobs and boss are fantastically designed. I took a basic look at them and made my own.

Anyways. I got to school early today and as I love Egyptian Mythology, I had to make this. It began as a female figure study for the torso and just went from there. Took the rest of class and the next one to finish it off.

I remain firm in the fact that it looks lots better in real life. My scanner fails at picking up values.

Creature and art is mine. No touchies.
Inspired in part by Blizzard but don't give them too much credit. ive been wanting to do this. ;D
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