Made Up Creatures 2 Picture

Well there may be more muc but you'll just have to wait and see, in my childhood i drew a lot, and one of the things i drew most for was a project game i was gonna call MMM(won't give out the acronym) but anyway there is a vast binder with big creatures armor and weapons in it, and so last stream i flipped at random to monsters and tried to make them better, here are 6

From left to right
Guardian-Sort of a large land crab that breaths five and its shell is tough enough to survive an inferno
Shiren-Sort of a water demon mermaid creature it often plays with and eats other mermaids, some see them as harbingers of larger sea monsters that often them seem to be able to control
Gazelen-A large plant creature its spores can attract hordes of bees to pollinate areas, farmers will often lure them to pollinate crops, and if need there skin produces a toxin that wards of predators, the most lumber around the forests and grassy areas, there no real threat till a herd of them gets scared
Ruk-Some sort of demon
Krack-Larger then a troll it often kills them, it'll fight anything even close to it, it is an odd creature that goes berserk at the first site of anything
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