This hurts my inner mythology nerd Picture

Please understand the difference. Yes, the Kirin(Quilin) does have dragon-like features, it is not simply a creature that is half horse and half dragon, as it is usually described as a mix of several creatures:
There are many different ways Qilin have been described. Some think of them as a rare form of unicorn; others have described it as a creature that has the head of a dragon and a body of tiger with scales. Others see it as a creature with a single horn on its forehead, a multicolored back, the hooves of a horse, the body of a deer, and with the tail of an ox.

If you want a more mythologically accurate equivalent to a horse/dragon hybrid or horse dragon, then look to the Longma-which is quite literally a dragon horse from Chinese myth.

So please stop calling your dragon/ponies kirins... thanks.
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