Eldritch Creatures 101 Part 7 Picture

I've been meaning to upload more drawings on my Eldritch Creatures project. I've been sidetracked with college work as well as other pieces I've been working on or attemted to work on.

Anyway, with creatures like the werewolf and vampire that appear in the minds of modern day people regardless of different interpretation. There are creatures practically unknown to people today that would be clueless if asked. Such creatures like the Aitvaras fall into this category of mystical creatures never talked about in modern times.

The Aitvaras is creature/spirit in Lithuanian mythology, a house spirit that takes the form of a black or white rooster with a fiery tail (some descriptions mention it have a tail resembling a meteorite). Though the creature itself resembles a rooster, it is infact a type of spirit; such as the different faeries and nature spirits that existed sense before the coming of mankind or any other sentiant life form in the multiverse. These things can be hatched from an egg by a 9 to 12 year old rooster and if the Aitvaras dies, it becomes a fiery spark. It is also possable to obtain an Aitvaras by buying it from a malicious spirit (the said spirit being an evil nature spirit, malvolent faerie, or a demon).

It is said that the Aitvaras is able to bring both good and bad fortune to the owner. It is said that it will give the owner plently of gold and grain, however, these gifts would be stolen from neighbors and possably from anyone else in the village or town the owner is living in. Getting rid of the Aitvaras is very difficult tast because the Aitvaras will literally lodge itself in the owner's home, refusing to leave. Though it is difficult to remove the Aitvaras its not impossable, but upon removing the Aitvaras from the house it will change into large dragon like form which would make the task more challangeing sense your now dealing with the Aitvaras in it's dragon form.

Aitvaras, Crossover (c) me
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