Latvian Mythology - Sumpurnis Picture

My first concept of a Sumpurnis.
This nasty dude should not be mixed with the Latvian werewolf. While werewolves could transform (either by choice or forced) this handsome is furry all day and all night.
Sumpurnis is actually one of the few truly evil beings in our mythology (unlike werewolves, by the way) - they are strong, cruel and always hungry. Originally they come from the north where they live in packs and eat everything that comes across their way.
I wanted to bring some "coldness" to them, so I gave them a layer of fat as a protection against cold winds and a representation of the endless gluttony. I also decided to make the eyes as cold as possible. His mass gives him great power which he usually uses to overcome the victim (struggles are short usually). He might not be very fast though, when running he moves on all fours to increase the speed. The layer of fur and fat is great against attacks as well.
I have decided to give an appearance to all Latvian mythological creatures I come across so from now on I might actually update even more often that twice a year
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