Latvian Mythology - Swamp devil Picture

Another one of my mythological creatures.
There's a strange thing about Latvian devils - it's really hard to dig through to the real ancient Latvian devil - it's all coated in Christianity.
Devils in our mythology aren't necessarily evil, they tend to be mischievous, but are not that smart, ancient Latvians used every opportunity to fool them.
This guy is a bit different though. Swamp devils are not really that active, they are not interested in all that crap, they just sit in mud and occasionally eat a rabbit or a fawn and scare a random mushroom picker. Can't be described as agressive, but is not friendly either. They also don't talk much, anyway who would they be talking to in a swamp?
He spends most of his time under water/mud so that only the top of his back and head are showing, but as you see - he's well disguised, so people don't see him very often.
I don't know if a stork is very suitable for a swamp? But swamps are full of frogs and storks love frogs
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