Amongst the Argonauts Picture

Another bit of Medea. Essentially, this is when Medea has joined up with the Argonauts and is started to be considered one of them, much to her surprise, for her magic and healing expertise. Now, in the myth, Medea joins the Argonauts purely because she is infatuated with Jason and he has promised to marry her. In my version, however, I decided to have her join the adventurers to simply get away from Colchis and see the world. In exchange for her aid in obtaining the Golden Fleece, Jason grants her wish and allows her to go with them. What neither of them expected, however, was that her brother would sneak aboard with her. As the journey goes on, Jason finds himself falling in love with her and she eventually reciprocates. Now, as for the outfits shown above, the first is just a regular outfit, the second is the one she wears when she kills her brother (which is a scene that disturbs even me, but trust me, I'm writing it anyway, because it's too twisted not to use), and then finally, her wedding gown when she finally marries Jason.

Made using Azalea's Dolls Goddess…
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