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This had to be said, I have been following the whole LGBT debate over the years, and have not been very impressed. Because the arguments are being used by a more controversial group to cover their actions. And the arguments of LGBT is not over love, its about money, power, and legitimacy that one can never really achieve.

The other reason I seperate the LGBT into individual posters is important, individually the LGBT groups are small and view each other as inferiors or competitors for recognition in the media or society at large, and each one views the others as unclean to its ideals. Lesbian and Gay Community is generally called homosexual...but they are seperated because one is masculine and the other is feminine. And they both view the other gender as unnecessary or dirty or a corruption.

Sometimes with a twist, cultures historically that have had the Lesbian or Gay concept have many times abused the opposite gender as a breeder add on. Samurai culture in Japan is known to do this, because the Samurai for a time, viewed love between men to be true and between men and women to be not true. Hence in that culture women were not viewed or treated with respect, more or less as breeders for the heir of the "family" lightly said. This also is present in ancient Greece with the concepts of the Sacred Band, a military force of Corinth that was made up of one thousand pairs of male lovers...Alexander killed them off to the last man in a battle with the Greek States. The original name was Sodomy or reference to the Biblical cities Sodom and Gomorrah; but the stigma of the name was probably in the 1890's to mid-1900's lightened with the use of the old term for

The Lesbian concept is tad bit more rare, but does happen. Oddly the name is a reference to an Island in the Greek Archipelago called Lesbos, that even in the Histories by Herodotus notes that the women of this island are driven almost insane with their actions around the same sex, as well as some women of that island acting out as men in this society. In consideration of this, also the "Amazons" of ancient lore could be considered under this marker. Sometimes considered by outsiders as abnormal, if not in paternalistic or maternalistic cultures to be an afront to the power structures of that time. Not mention the power increases of the harem in polygamy and polyandry.

Bisexuals meaning persons who will do either gender or attracted to either gender. Oddly enough considered by gays and lesbians as a threat/sneaker/problem. Because the LG community views that one must be only one gender. And they don't consider them true sexual rights activists, but in convenience and to increase their appearance of unity and power add them into their camp. Oddly enough there is true bisexualism, albiet rare, hermaphroditism. Yet these people are not put in this category, because maybe these persons usually either chose to pick their gender, or don't have a choice in having both, or as self-breeders [supposedly from historical medical arguments...not sure about validity of that.] Sometimes also as well the Bisexuals will sneak into other relationships of the LG community or will be used as a breeder by the LG. But they are treated as a lesser person.

Transexuals meaning persons who have changed their gender surgically and hormonally, viewed by the LGB community as non-standard or non-rights groups. Even though they tend to do all the other actions of LGB group, because they have changed gender they are not considered "true gender" activists. Many LGB groups view them as outsiders and as an illegitimate movement. And in consideration Transexuals sometimes like the Bisexuals will act as sneakers and use their changed genders to access other partners. Although historically it has been known that several cultures have been known to use various means to flip gender people, and make men and women look like the opposite gender. There was a movie I once saw about a group of prostitutes that looked like women, but were really men. And the movie was about these persons being hired for parties and weddings as dancers.

There has been a counter-movement to LGBT in the world, many persons are advocating it to be a mental disease which necessitates incarceration, medication, counseling, etc. Certain religious or traditionalist cultures advocate liquidation [ieg extermination], conversion, or re-education by force. There is arguments in defense of LGBT that its biological, or traumatic; but the root of the choice is human will and beliefs. LGBT is usually either hard core [meaning a very dedicated belief and action activist, very small yet vocal minority], soft core [meaning active person for a time then usually swaps back into "hetero" activities, or hides using an opposite gender spouse that facilititates or is ignorant of their actions,] and the fad bandwagon followers. [This is the majority of the younger generation is this, "Our Parents don't do it, so lets do it to annoy them and get attention" or "Its hip to do it."] It is a choice that people make, and its a choice that they can unmake.

I would be wary about the LGBT movement, for several reasons. One, if a society loses their cool and decides to wipe out the deviants. [This is throughout history.] Two, piggy-backing...the movement is being used by political forces to advance their short term agenda, and as soon as it is not politically expedient drops it like a rock. [Does anyone talk about Klinsnacht? "Night of Long Knives" where Hitler kills off his own SA the Brown Shirts "Stormtroopers," because the Wermacht army which had the power in Germany, wanted them gone because the majority of their members were homosexual? And once the Nazi Party did this it became a legitimate power and the rest was history. {Besides the fact that the Nazis went on a killing spree against homosexuals via the death camps...there is a historical marker for such persons the pink band or pink triangle. And to this day Neo-Nazis target homosexuals with that pink label.} Three, straw man argument, if I give the LGBT movement rights, what will stop anyone else from making further "sexual rights" arguments, where is the line for morals? Where do I stop drawing it or where do I stop erasing it?

Hence, Why I am worried about the concept of the OMNI-SEXUAL. "All Sex" idea...historically such persons have been very very minimal, but since I have been checking out history, I have come to realize that there have been groups within the "Western and Eastern World" that have advocated the destruction of moral law or ethics. One particular group that has my attention is the Blumsbery Group from late 1800's, of which Sir Mayard Keynes was a member of. They are also known as "Immoralists." They are almost in all ways Anarchists, with a very different methodology. Anarchists want no external rule or ruler by government. The Immoralist wants no internal rule or ruler of government...ieg moral,ethical, spiritual, cultural, social, religious, or otherwise. [I don't even think they would answer to science...if I remember Heisenburg. The Romanticist movement is a partial spawner of this movement, as well as the Emotionalist Movement from the late 1700's.]

Now the Omnisexual, takes all the sexual activities and philias and rolls them into one. It doesn't matter what species [human or animal], age [young or old], state of life [alive or dead], sexual preference, cultural norms, genders, married or not, etc. I mean we are having a hard time grappling with LGBT and other sexual preferences, try doing it with this! Everything becomes fair game...and its everything. There is no restraint period.

Now on the flip side, Here is another problem...if one splits up rights into parcels to be handed out or denied on a whim what would happen with these groups.

*Agender-persons with no gender. [Does actually occasionally happen in the real world]

*Asexual-persons who don't want anything to do with sex or sexual activity...or can't do it. [There are persons who do this.]

*Gemod-persons with genetic modification or body enhancements that are not typically human. [Does happen in the real world recently, although historically usually in the mutant natural convention.]

*GE- persons genetically engineered [A major problem and controversy at this moment.]

*Clone-persons who are copies of dead, dying, or living persons. [This one is a real hurly burly...who is to say which clone template is perfect, what is perfection? What happens if someone deviates from the norm internally or externally? What would clones be used for? Male-Labor and Soldier, Female-Breeders and Sex Toys...being simplistic with it. Do you give clones the same rights as birth citizens? What about marriage rights. I can go to town on this.]
Read: Houkago no Charisma-Afterschool Charisma a manga on clones of famous people...intriguing idea.
Republic Commandos by Karen Traviss. there are many more stories on that.
Watch: THX-1138, The Island...there is a huge variety of Sci-Fi based around this concept.

*Cyber-persons that may have been digitalized into cyberspace...this is different from Cyborg. [Who has the right to shut them off, defrag [de-fragment them], copy them [clone in the cyber space sense], or use their coded personality without their permission.
Tron and "Laughing Man" of Ghost in the Shell can be interesting. Cortana of the Halo series is a good example since she is basically an A.I. based off the flash clone of Dr. Halsey's brain, if not the Promethians of Halo 4.

*Robotics-AI-persons or entities that are fully robotic or manufactured essences. [Who is to say they are sentient or on going debate with technologists right now...they are even doing experiments with "killing" a computer...meaning shutting it down. A secondary concept is the transfer of robotic entities into human bodies or control of human bodies via robotics or AI.]
I Robot, BattleStar Galactica, Terminator (to an extent in the books), manga series Gepetto.

*Mutant Natural-persons with genetic mutations that make them unique versus standard humanity. [Does happen in real life, wolf man, albinoism, polymastia, maggot boy, spike or scale skin, horns...these can be found in medical documents.]
Popularized by series like X-Men. Read Ripley's Believe it or Not...Medical Documents.

*Mutant Artificial-persons with genetic mutations caused by external forces or activities. [Does happen in real life, persons from Chernobyl Ukraine tend to have extremely high intellect and fast brains due to radiation exposure in that area, but the flip side is their lifespans are extremely short.]
Popularized by series like Avengers,and X-Men

*Trans-Human-persons who are evolving or "upgrading" beyond typical human form or function. [Might be possible with Genetic Modification and Cybernetics.]
Popularized with Deus-Ex series...basis in Charles Darwin's Origin of Species. [Theory of Evolution]

*Hybrid- persons who are a combination of typical human or another type of humanity or lifeform. [More fictional and mythological than reality...but a possibility.]
Read: Mythology, Sci-Fi,
Pop-culture concept- Armitage III. [Naomi being a robotic entity, husband fully human and her daughter being half-human/robot.] Various manga and anime play with this. Usually with Alien Human relations.
Watch: Invasion (Series), Species (Movie), Star Gate

*Trans-Species- persons who have more than one type of creature genetics or lifeform genetics. [More fictional and mythological tahn reality.]

*Eugenics- persons who have been selectively breed to reach their state of being. [Actually has been done in the World pre-modern and post-modern. The most recent cases being Nazi Germany and its attempts to breed the perfect race. The Soviet Union attempted to do so to create the perfect man...or ergo the Perfect Communist. In the U.S. eugenics were attempted to remove persons who did not fit the percieved perfect American stereotype. It also works two ways, selective breeding and selective euthenasia and sterilization of persons...deemed unneed.]
Read: History, Sci-Fi. Star-Trek:Eugenics War, The Universe...a really good series. Tons of Sci-Fi does this.
Watch: Star Trek:Wrath of Khan. etc.

*ARC (Asexual Reproductive Coupling)-persons created by blending DNA from two or more persons together. [Something that has been done in Genetic Engineering, however this is more of fiction, but it has been attempted before in real-life, in reproductive assisstance. Two egg cells and one in China...the Triplets from this however miscarried.]
Watch-Banner of the Stars anime. [This is where the concept actually stuck out to me. One of the factions in that series the Abiat uses this for reproduction besides normal sexual interactions.]

*Hermaphrodite-persons born with both genders. [Does happen from time to time in the real world. Sometimes has been reported alongside supposed self-breeding. These are true bi-sexuals. Yet they can chose their gender and sexual preference if possibility arises.]
Pop-culture: Star Trek series [SciFy 2008-onwards] they had an episode of a Hermaphrodite Breeder...a person who is used in an alien culture to breed with both genders.

*Cyborg-Augmented-persons who are partially or fully upgraded with cybernetic and cyborg parts replacing their normal human parts. [Currently an ongoing trend in the world.]
Read: has been a staple of this genre.

*Re-animated-persons who are brought back from death, or were dying and were stored until medical technology advanced or they were needed. [Although popularized by the zombie genre. There are people currently in cold storage waiting to be re-animated...the only problem though is...what happens to persons when they awake?]
Read Ai-Ren manga...has a very interesting take on reanimation and its influence on society.

*Self-Breed-more or less tied to either Genetic Engineering, Asexual Reproductive Coupling, Cloning...with gender swap..obligatory, or Hermaphrodite. Although in some cases Cyborg, Robotic, Cyber use it as a sub-category for their form of reproduction. [Very very very very very rare in real world...more fantasy and fiction than reality.]

This is just my take on a very big Pandora's Box that could be opened...and this is just the surface of what can come out of no where.

Just consider this carefully.
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