She-Viper Picture

Ekhidna (she-viper), depicted as in the closing century of the Topakhon Wars Galactic event, some 40 centuries prior to the day.

Another drawing, with full description and other versions' links:
Original line-art with full description:

Ekhidna is an important, almost legendary character from the Apkallu Mythos, loosely based on the Greek Myth's version. She has the Tartarean Blade, and access her life-regenerating serum (natural to all Drakainas, acessible to few) through symbiosis with Daimobia (chemosynthetic autotrophic microorganisms). That makes her virtually immortal.

She is the daughter of Nymph Ceto and Vovin Phorcys, prominent aristocrats of Corinth and colonialists of Atlantis, in "the Third World", off-bounds of their native Helladeas. Her color scheme is based on the Pelamis patura Sea Snake.
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