3710 Corinth Street Picture

Layout of the Corinth St. in the city of Nysa.
--for scene 5 of "Dion's Bar".
"Painted" via photoshop.
It took me a long time to colour this one too, but I played with a few new techniques I invented as I went along, so the time was well-spent.

"Nysa" is a mountain in Greece. I chose this name, because I don't think there's actually a city there. It was a major landmark in some greek myths. "Corinth" is also a city in greek mythology. I'm not sure if the city really exists, so I decided to use it for the street's name rather than the city's, to hint that maybe the street originates from Corinth.
The demons in the alleys were inspired by a project I did in Art Fundies, where we had to create a comic to complement an old 1930s poem called "The Cocky Walkers". In the comic I made, the figures in the alleys were the "younger generation", which were possibly ancestors of modern street gangs.
The street number "3710" comes from various mythologies. Many traditional stories make use of "the numbers of the gods": 3 and 7. I thought "37 Corinth St." was unrealistic. Too small of a number for a city this large. Therefore, 3 + 7 = 10....."3710".
Hooray for math.

Please comment if you notice something that could be better. Any input is good input.

spring 2006
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