Zarbon and Morgan VS Monsters Picture

This is a fictitious painting of Morgan fighting the communist dragon guarding the Golden Fleece, and Zarbon fighting the Axis Powers of Evil monster!

Though at first it might seem political and like a dream(which it might be), I also did this for fun!!! I placed Zarbon and Morgan in Soviet Union Georgia (with an Armenian Church in it).

Zarbon is on a llama fighting the fascist monster (Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Imperial Japan during WW2), thought the dragon appears like King Ghidorah off of Godzilla, I just could not resist and put this in instead of the Sleeping Beauty Dragon! As this fascist monster is blowing fire at Zarbon, Zarbon has a fireball ready in his hand to throw at the Fascist Monster. He also has a shield of a different kind, energy that protects him from the monster’s fire!

Morgan is also faced with an enemy, the communist monster that happens to be guarding the Golden Fleece (in Greek Mythology it was a demigod that was the son of Poseidon and a nymph, and after it was sacrificed it was put in present day Georgia (Sakaratvelo), and was guarded by a dragon/lizard thing!)

The Gold Fleece is also symbolic for the savoir of humanity, while the oak tree its on is a symbol of the world. Mythology has it that the Golden Fleece had healing powers and Jason and the Argonauts stole it from the kingdom of Colchis, after defeating the dragon and stealing the evil king’s sorceress daughter Medea!!!!

Zarbon is a creation of the DBZ creator.

Morgan is my OC!
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