From Girl to Witch Picture

I have always loved the character of Medea in Greek mythology. Beautiful, cunning, powerful, and a witch. She is easily one of my favorite characters in Greek mythology, which is why I wanted to do my take on her and write a story about her from her girlhood to her accompanying Jason to after she leaves him. Granted, I do plan to take a few liberties for the sake of story-telling. Her situation in the story is one of some misunderstanding (but trust me, she's no cuddly bunny, I certainly wouldn't want to run into her), and notorious overexaggerated reputation. And she takes it all with a hint of amusement, figuring that if fools will talk, then let them. So this picture is her transition from child to young woman living in her father's palace in Colchis. I always picture her in greens and purples, so that's what I put her in. As the colors are contrasting, I thought it fit her somewhat unstable personality.
In my story, Medea is the eldest child of King Aeetes, but clearly will not inherit the throne because she has a brother, Absyrtus, and due to male primogeniture, he's going to get it. Even though he's a real prick. Sadly, Medea's father also fears her magic and thus does not often speak with her, or even interact with her. At first she is angry and hurt that her father considers her a monster, she later begins to appreciate and embrace her powers after an encounter with the goddess Hecate and her own grandfather, Helios. The goddess of magic also gifts her with a pair of winged, serpentine drakones, which become as close to her as her own heart. In the story, one of them is bears a deadly poison in its fangs, the other the antidote to said poison. And by the time Jason rolls around into Colchis for the Golden Fleece, Medea is a skilled and powerful witch and healer with an extensive knowledge of herbs well as poisons. She's a lot of fun. ^_^

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