Wyatt the Colchis Picture

My fucking excuse is that it was 5 in the morning so thats why you see white in the letters and why it looks like shit. xD Tried to do a sorta ref, and make a effort. xD And Ive one again hidden the hands xD

Name: Wyatt Agapetos Thomas
Age: 24
Species: Bull; loosely based on greek mythology 'Colchis bulls'
Backstory: Will think of later, not at the time right now, cause I'm a bit more rushed, since I'm falling asleep as we speak. xD;

3 adopted sisters, that are seedrians, and his parents

First adopted sister

Demetria the Cactus Seedrian

Second one

Iris the Rainbow Seedrian (good god, I'll find a way to get a heavy object and beat my head in with it, if I ever get off my ass to drawing her. SO MANY COLORS B'I *bricked for laziness)

and his parents, I havent decided yet. .3. And finally the third sister,

Talia the Foxglove Seedrian (help if you wanna put a medical name on her condition, but basically, its where since she was young (from newborn, to teen), she began to lose her sight from her teen years, to adult years. .3. I'm thinkin of just slapping a tribal curse of why she's grown blind, from a young age. .3. )

.3. So creative......... Not really to me. xD Ahaha. *clonks out on bed* PUUUHEACHE. Hitting the hay if possible xD
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