Prometheus Picture

This is a picture of the god Prometheus from Greek Mythology. In case you don't know, I'll give you a summary of what you see going on:

Prometheus was the creator of man and spent a lot of time sculpting them in a form similar to the God. Most people laughed at him because the Humans froze at night and spent all day in a cave. Prometheus wanted to give the Humans fire, but Zues told him no. But Prometheus did it anyway - and when Zues watched the world he noticed that there were little villages and such because the Human Race obtained Fire. Thus, Zues punished Prometheus to be chained to a rock - in which every day a bald eagle would swoop in and eat his liver. To maket his punishment even better, Prometheus' liver would grow back each day, and this was supposed to last for 30,000 years.

But, 30 years into the punishment, Hercules came and rescued Prometheus in a bargin for Chiron's mortality. Then he shot the eagle and killed it. Later on, Prometheus was offered to come back to Mount Olympus by Zues - with one catch. Prometheus would have to haul around the immense rock and the chains that he had during his punishment.

Theres more to the story, but that's the basic summary. ^^ As you can tell, this was for my English class.. I had to do a God Bio Card, where I tell Prometheus' Name, Strengths, Weaknesses, Events/Banquets held in his honor, and what makes him "Special." .... I just like the picture, though, because its one of the best humans I've ever drawn. -cough-I suck at drawing humans-cough-
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