Hercules.EXE Picture

Hey, everyone, so tchannekoi here - tchannekoi.deviantart.com/ - figured out all three answers for both chapters of the recent update for HEART dot Batch before anyone else, so she won. Well, between the two options I gave her as her prize, she did both. The first one was to set up what the second challenge for the preliminaries for the Olympus Tournament would be while the other was making members of OLYMPUS. She picked two Greek legends to be members. This is the second one: Hercules.EXE.

Based upon the mythical Hercules, I thought/read from certain commenters on FanFiction to make him more of a fanservice for the female readers. His NaviMark, a lightning bolt in a red background (like the pendant Hercules has in the Disney movie that he wore as a baby) with a stylized 'H' overall that, is located on the belt of his pants. He wears a lion's pelt like how old artworks shows him [The actual Hercules, not the one I drew here or the Disney one] (except he wears pants instead of just the fur hiding what's between the legs).

His muscles aren't just for making the females that read my story swoon. He's capable of lifting a 150 billion ton mountain with just one hand. I forgot to draw bands on his wrists which would allow him to produce bolas to ensnare his opponents, so just imagine them there, all bronze and such. And, yes, that black stuff on his head is supposed to be his hairy beard and mustache. Every time I think 'muscular guy,' I keep thinking 'beard and mustache.'

Anyone is welcome to redesign or color him if you want. Just make sure to tell me beforehand and give tchannekoi credit for the idea of a Chiron-based OLYMPUS NetNavi (Though I just call them GreekNavis since all members of OLYMPUS are based off Greek Mythology).

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