The Centaur and the Fairy on a Journey Picture

Stocks used:

Black Horse 2 by GreenEyezz Stock: [link]

Bloo III Heavens by BlooDoveStock: [link]

Fairy S 15 by Mjranum stock: [link]

Stock 08 by evilhateyouallstock: [link]

leafy wings 1 by zememz: [link]

The Centaur, or hippocentaur, is a composite creature that originated in Greece. First they were depicted as human torsos connected to the horses hindquarters, but later they were rendered in this form. They were considered barbaric creatures, with the exception of Chiron who was spoken of as a great teacher and kind being. Often they are depicted with bows, showing them as hunters.

Fairies are beings that are known virtually everywhere in the world under many names. It only felt right to give this centaur a traveling companion, as he is alone. Perhaps striking out on his own, he found this lone fairy and joined her on a long journey.
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