Euippe Endice Picture


Euippe Endeis

This name is somewhat different, and I don’t know the exact pronunciation D:
I think it is You-wi-pay En-dice

The inspiration for her came from the greek centaur Chiron (pronounced karon I believe (like plankton’s wife in spongebob)) He had several daughters, one of which was named Euippe, and another named Endeis. So her name was just a combination of these two

Blood: Lime Blood

Lime Blood was a very common blood caste on Alternia but was hunted to extinction by the others due to its members’ possession of powerful abilities that threatened the authority. . Calliope has stated that the Limebloods had some unusual names. Kankri Vantas refers to the caste as Yellowgreens, considering Limeblood is offensive due to its historical connotations, implying that the caste was historically oppressed on Beforus

The lime blood color was originally alluded to when the Grand Highbloodwas introduced, as there was a shade of green previously unaccounted for. This lighter shade fits in the color wheel between Sollux’s yellow and Nepeta’s green, where Karkat sits when the group is arranged by the procession of their zodiac symbols, suggesting that he (and, by association, the Sufferer/Signless) would be a lime blood if not for the cherry red blood mutation. Whether this would also apply to Caliborn is unknown. (A little history on Limebloods in Homestuck, not trying to put in canon characters though just an example, taken from Wiki)

I chose it to continue with Chiron’s theme, as he was much into nature, green or blue are large colors for showing nature. (Trees are green, water is blue, plant life is green etc…)

Trolian Handle: achillesArchery

Chiron was also said to have helped Hercules, and Achilles, so her chum handle was Achilles, and Archery for the weapon Chiron used. (The AA goes with the amino acids of AA.) All of the trolls handles have a play in genetics (I once read that and decided that because most of them went with ATCG + U (not counting John’s who changes his later on in the 2ndor 3rd act) amino acid rule (such as in deoxyribonucleic acid or ribonucleic acid (DNA/RNA))

Strife Specibus (when alchemized): Needlekind

Her weapon is a 4 foot long, 1 foot think Syringe with needle (the needle itself is an extra foot and is of 12 gauge thick, basically it is sharp and pointy and hurts. A lot.)) I chose this as a weapon because Chiron was much into medicine and healing others, although it won’t be used to heal, I thought it would hit the irony organ in some people XD

When it was not alchemized: she started with a simple large syringe and soon made her way up through alchemization

Tattoo horns and personality:

Her blood color is green to remind us of nature, and the tattoo on her is supposed to be like mountains, clouds and water, so very flowy. Her personality still hasn’t been decided upon, and I think she should be very smart, or analytical of her surroundings. Her horns kind of remind me of what might be on a satyr? It would continue in mythology and nature (a large thing here XD) Chiron was very smart/analytical to his surroundings! She would be very happy most of the time, and almost mother-like. But being a female would make her more aggressive. She would have to spend a lot of time concealing her blood color since most believed her type to have been hunted to extinction.

Symbolic features not mentioned:

Hair: is shaved only on half of the head, kind of like a horse. Chiron was a centaur so half horse, half human. She isn’t half horse, but enjoys the hair cut anyways.

Symbol: is like an upside down key. This is used as Chiron’s astrological symbol. You can find this on her shirt, earrings, and bellybutton ring. (in the picture it would have been harder to color in these with a darker green, but she tries to pass off as anything but a limeblood, more of an olive blood since they would be so close on the hemospectrum.

Game Entry Item:



A goat and a panflute (it speaks through its music (lol)

Fetch Modus:

Music- She has to play a tune on her panflute before putting in the object, and has to hum the same tune to get it out. If she forgets the tune, she can switch it so everything comes out. But that means restarting! Luckily she has a good memory!

God Tier:

Maid of Life


Land of Black out and graveyards

Her conflicts to face would be a constantly blacking out world and hundreds upon thousands of gravesites

Void of almost all the consorts who rarely seem to be present

Alternia or Beforus:

I think she would have been on Beforus as she has a bit more to her clothing and style for design. Her left pant leg is short, whereas her right pant leg is long. Her shirt is a belly shirt with a ½ length sleeve. She has Tattoos and piercings too!


Replaces all I’s with A’s and all A’s with I’s

Example: “ A im good, inythang up wath you?”


Trolls tend to be bigger than humans (in height (at least I think/in my headcannon)) So she is around 5’11” and is about 170-185 lbs

Prospit or Derse:

Her personality would match to one on Prospit :3


A Satyr but with Horse legs (centaur like)


It would be in a hilly area, not surrounded by anything in particular. More of a lonely place as her Lusus is very worrisome! It looks more like 3 cottages stacked precariously on top of one another, but it is very sturdy. It looks old an abandoned from outside, but inside it is quite nice!


Moirail <>: None

Matesprit <3: none

Kismeisis <3<: none

Auspistice c8<: none


Varying degrees of psionics

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