Chiron.EXE Picture

Hey, everyone, so tchannekoi here - - figured out all three answers for both chapters of the recent update for HEART dot Batch before anyone else, so she won. Well, between the two options I gave her as her prize, she did both. The first one was to set up what the second challenge for the preliminaries for the Olympus Tournament would be while the other was making members of OLYMPUS. She picked two Greek legends to be members. This is the first one: Chiron.EXE. When looking for information on him, I learned that he had a constellation, so I made that into his NaviMark. That bit on his bum actually produces an energy tail that can extend to 300 meters away from his body and is prehensile while his primary weapon is his bow while the arrow carrier on his back can produce an infinite amount of energy arrows that can break BattleChips (Like Roll's Roll Arrow). He's a quick member of OLYMPUS and also uses the night sky to predict the future. Anyone is welcome to redesign or color him if you want. Just make sure to tell me beforehand and give tchannekoi credit for the idea of a Chiron-based OLYMPUS NetNavi (Though I just call them GreekNavis since all members of OLYMPUS are based off Greek Mythology).
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